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About us

  Fruit chain supermarket was established in Shenyang in 1998. It has occupied the market 

1with low price, high quality, fresh and green popular and excellent dried fruits. Is the first home to achieve the fruit supermarket, intensive operation of the enterprise. Now, there are thirty-two supermarket chains in Liaoning Province, with 76 branches nationwide, and its headquarter is located in Shenyang. Team of more than 1000 people, is committed to low-cost, high-quality, fresh, green and dry fruits of the public to serve the vast number of consumers.

  Adhering to the "pioneering and innovative, good faith, self-improvement" company's purpose, is committed to build and realize the vitality of the enterprise humanized management model, the accumulation of rational structure of the personnel team. After arduous pioneering work and development, the company has formed a competitive edge in many ways. In the face of employees, we advocate a people-oriented, create brilliant enterprise culture, good ideas from the outstanding culture, respect is the essence of the new corporate culture. We provide our employees with exceptional work, living environment and a stage to display their talents so as to promote the development of the new town.
  The most fresh quality assurance, unparalleled price advantage, professional and convenient delivery services, so that the new long fruit supermarket chains quickly won the favor of the public. Quality, health, fashion and fast are the brand pursuit of the new long fruit supermarket. The new long fruit chain supermarket develops the market with word of mouth, looks forward to the future with prestige, and always provides the most healthy fruit as the foundation of the survival of the company, so that you can enjoy the best quality and the freshest taste at the first time.

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